Saturday, July 10, 2010

The rise and rise of Aerogen

If you're in need of reassurance that Irish innovation is alive and well, look no further than Aerogen, a small company based on the edge of Galway in the west of Ireland. Company founder, John Power explains in a 'case studies' video available for viewing on the Ernst and Young entrepreneur of the year website ( that innovation is at the core of their novel aerosol-based drug delivery systems. He's clearly doing something right as Aerogen is a world leader in this technology, holding 40 international patents. At a time when members of the Irish Government are questioning continued investment in research, it's heartening also to learn that John Power spends 40% of Aerogen's annual operating expenditure on research and development. With a target population of patients on nebulisers in intensive care units, it's not hard to see how important innovation in this area of medical device techology is. For more information on Aerogen go to

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