Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ireland needs more companies like Creganna!

Browsing the daily broadsheets can be a depressing activity these days, with not much to suggest that this country will exit a recession any time soon. Some rays of hope, however, may be illuminating the way to a more vibrant and sustained economy. Creganna, with Helen Ryan (photo) recently at the helm, has acquired Avalon Medical Services Pte Ltd, to become Creganna TACTX Medical. Aimed primarily at the medical device sector, Creganna supports the provision of minimally invasive devices for a range of clinical applications including cardiology and neurology. The growth of Creganna, alongside giants of the medical device sector like Boston Scientific and Medtronic, also based in Galway, is heartening and demonstrates what can be achieved by a home-grown company. For more information of Creganna and its activities, visit their website at: http://www.creganna.com/index.aspx

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