Thursday, April 2, 2009

Brain Awareness Week 2009

Earlier this week members of the Galway Neuroscience Group reported their experience of holding a public event as part of global 'Brain Awareness Week'. Supported financially by the Dana Foundation, BAW is a multi-national effort aimed at making as many people as possible interested in their own brains. Activities include visits to schools by neuroscientists, or information dissemination by various neurological organisations like Neurology Alliance Ireland, Dystonia Ireland, the Dublin Brain Bank and MS Ireland. Galway neuroscientists chose 'The beauty of neuroscience' as their theme, displaying beautiful prints of cells and tissue gnerated during the course of their own research activities. Poster stands and a microscope with sample tissue and cells for viewing, were set up at the Eyre Square Shopping centre on March 19th and 20th. A separate table dedicated to interactive questionairs and brain colouring booklets for children was also a feature. For more information about the activities of the Galway Neuroscience Group, go to

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