Monday, January 19, 2009

New treatment for stroke patients?

Doctors in Glasgow are making controversial news with their proposals to use embryonic stem-cell-generated cultures to repair brain damage in stroke patients. Using a single aborted foetal donation obtained following strict adherence to guidelines, a company called 'Reneuron' has generated stem cell cultures which they believe have the potential to replace neurons lost following a stroke. Around 2 million cells will initially be implanted: the aim will be to test the safety of such a procedure and the trial will be carried out on 3 groups of 4 patients over 2 years. Dr. Keith Muir, a consultant at the Southern General Hospital in Glasgow is leading the study, while Dr. John Sinden is the chief scientific advisor of 'Reneuron'. To see time-lapse footage of dividing stem cells go to the BBC weblink . You'll also find a short clip of Dr. Sinden's justification for this kind of work.

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