Friday, October 25, 2013

MSc in Biomedical Science (Conintuous) now accepting students!

The new MSc in Biomedical Science (Continuous) accepts student applications throughout the academic year. This highly flexible programme enables those in full-time employment to take classes along with others enrolled on the 'distance learning' version of the programme (winner of postgrad course of the year (science)). The key difference with the 'continuous' masters, is that students register for individual modules, paying as they go (€1,000 per module; €2,000 for research project).  This programme can be completed over an extended period of up to 6 years. As with the distance learning programme, it is possible to exit with a postgraduate certificate in biomedical science, after successful completion of 6 modules. Alternatively, another 6 successfully finished modules will gain a postgraduate diploma. Completion of a research project is required to gain a masters qualification. For more information and to apply for a place on this programme, go to Happy studying!!

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